Casino fans generally perceive online roulette as a game that is based entirely on luck which does not reward skillful play. However, many experienced players know that this is not entirely true. In roulette, players have complete control over the betting process, a fact that allows for some element of strategy to be brought to forefront. There are many great roulette strategy tips to be found from various sources, and then incorporated into your game-play. Needless to say, not all of these techniques are equally effective but with some trial and error you should be able to determine the best strategies for every occasion.

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Intertops Casino features some of the most popular roulette variants, such as American roulette, French roulette and European roulette. You can try different techniques and strategies on our games to see if they have a measurable effect on your performance. However, it is important to treat such techniques with caution, especially those with which you are not especially familiar. Some of these supposed roulette tips may not be as helpful as they appear to be on paper. For that reason, Intertops Casino provides an easy and completely risk-free way for you to practice, it is called ‘Play for Fun’.


online roulette strategy



The search for a true winning roulette strategy is not an easy one, but Intertops Casino allows you to embark on the journey without risk. ‘Play for Fun’ is our free-play mode, which allows you to use virtual chips on the games instead of real money. You can use the gratis nature of ‘Play for Fun’ to your advantage by trying out different roulette tips, betting patterns and techniques, keeping at it until you come up with the perfect roulette winning strategy… or discover there is no such thing! And if you have the necessary skills and head for maths, you can try to develop your very own strategy. But please keep firmly in mind that even the best roulette strategies have their limitations and the one that will 100% guarantee you a win simply does not exist. The best any strategy can do is to significantly improve your odds. The rest, and that is a lot, is up to Lady Luck.

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